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Wanting something new – try rucking.

Try rucking they said, it’ll be fun they said. Well guess what, it was!! I got my ruck sack on, weights in and sweat on. Who would have thought that adding a little weight in a sack you would sweat so much and have fun doing it. Especially when doing it with friends, the time […]

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PROTEIN SHAKES — Do they really work?

How much protein do I need? Am I getting enough protein? Are shakes the way to go? There are so many questions that we have about protein shakes and what they can do for you. Personally, I love protein shakes. It really comes down to personal taste, what you add, and what you are using […]

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Fitness and Water. what’s the big deal??

What is the big deal about water anyways? I mean there are so many sports drinks, protein drinks, and supplements out there; won’t they do the trick? Don’t get me wrong vitamins and nutrition are an essential to healthy living. Supplements, when taken according to how they are to be used are great as well. […]

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Resistance Bands- the ultimate tool.

  Benefits of training with Resistance Bands Resistance bands are inexpensive. Even more extensive kits, which include instructional video, carrying case, ankle strap and door anchor can be found for under $25 on Amazon. The resistance bands are great for a beginner or expert.  I find that you can really incorporate them into any routine […]

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At home fitness equipment — what do I need to get started?

Getting started by just moving is your biggest hurdle to this day. Great job on getting started! Now that you have found the motivation and desire to make a change, let’s talk about some basic pieces of equipment that can take you to the next level. Necessities You can easily turn your living room, spare […]

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Tips for beginning fitness — getting fit at home.

It’s not always easy or feasible to get to or pay for a gym. These are just some simple tips that I have found can be helpful in starting your fitness journey. Your home is the perfect place to start!! I am sure if you look around it won’t be that hard to realize that […]

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Fitness and Inspiration — What inspires you to get fit?

Getting Inspired to get fit.   Is there such a thing? How do we get started? Getting started seems to be the easiest thing right? Right! We can use anything for motivation. Summertime, a wedding, a reunion, family vacations…you get the idea. So we get excited, I know I do! You have a goal, you look […]

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About Nancy

Hello, all my life I have been involved with sports and fitness. I was first to the field, gym or court! I relished in the camaraderie of a team, the sense of belonging and having others count on me. I knew I could lead and drive by just pure will and determination. I enjoy working […]

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